Poly-L-Lysine Solution

AR0003 10mL (sufficient for coating 100-200 slides)
EUR 80.00

Hematoxylin Counterstain Solution

AR0005 12mL(for 120-180 assays)
EUR 65.00

Nuclear Fast Red

AR0008 12mL(for 240 assays)
EUR 65.00

IHC Enzyme Antigen Retrieval Reagent

AR0022 50mL (for 500-750 assays)
EUR 106.00

Citrate Buffer Powder

AR0024 2000mL/pack
EUR 53.00

Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) Powder

AR0030 2000mL/pack
EUR 53.00

0.01M Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) Powder

AR0030-E 1000mL/pack
EUR 53.00

Tris Buffered Saline (TBS) Powder

AR0031 2000mL/pack
EUR 53.00

Proteinase K

AR0056 5mL
EUR 101.00

cDNA Probe Diluent Solution

AR0063 5mL
EUR 106.00

Mammalian Tissue Protein Extraction Reagent

AR0101 100mL (100 assays for 0.1g of tissuŠµ)
EUR 152.00

Cell Lysis Buffer

AR0103 100mL (The kit contains sufficient lysis buffer for 200 cell pellet fractions containing 5x 106 cells each)
EUR 121.00

RIPA Lysis Buffer

AR0105 50 mL
EUR 75.00

Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit

AR0106 1kit
EUR 101.00

IP Lysis Buffer

AR0107 100mL
EUR 101.00