Innovative Research’s human cystatin C purified 10X C-terminal histidine tag has been recombinantly produced in insect cell culture and purified. This is a frozen liquid buffered in 0.01 M sodium phosphate; 0.3M NaCl; pH 7.0, with a concentration of 1.0 mg/mL and greater than >95% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis. This product can be used as a positive control for ELISA and western blot and for a variety of in vitro applications, including inhibition and more.

Cystatin C (CST3, cystatin-3, gamma-trace, neuroendocrine basic polypeptide, post-gamma-globulin, post-globulin G) is a small molecular weight peptide that is a potent inhibitor of many cysteine ​​proteinases. Due to its small size, it is freely filtered by the glomeruli and metabolized after tubular reabsorption. Serum cystatin C levels are a more accurate test of kidney function than serum creatinine levels. Recently, it has been studied for its role in predicting new-onset or deteriorating cardiovascular disease.

It also appears to play a role in brain disorders related to amyloid deposition, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Molecular Innovations’ human cystatin C is recombinantly produced in insect cell culture and purified by conventional affinity and metal chelate chromatography. Contains a 10X histidine tag at the C-terminus for purification. It functions as a single band and is greater than 95% pure by SDS-PAGE. Inhibits the activity of the cysteine ​​proteinase papain using the substrate Pyr-Phe-Leu-pNA.

Product name

C-terminal 10xHis-tagged recombinant

Full product name

N-terminal 10xHis-SUMO-tag and C-terminal Myc-tag

For research use only

For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

Host: E. coli

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory.

Other notes

Small volumes of N-terminal 10xHis-SUMO-tag and C-terminal Myc-tag Negative Control vials may occasionally become trapped in the product vial seal during shipping and storage. If necessary, briefly spin the vial in a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the vial cap. Certain products may require dry ice shipping and an additional dry ice fee may apply.


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Cusabio C-terminal 10xHis-tagged Recombinant